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tropical storm fay images news florida hurricane infoThe movement of storms are educated predictions subject to adjustments.
<<Tracking Chart of Fay 2AM Mon. Aug 18 2008  -  Tracking Chart of Fay 2AM Sun. August 17 >>

Tropical Storm Fay. Maximum wind speed at 60mph and moving N/NW at 14mph Tropical Storm Fay Current Position    NOAA Predicted Path

A Hurricane Watch remains in effect for the Florida mainland east of Flamingo to Card Sound Bridge and along the Florida West Coast North of Anna Maria to Tarpon Springs.
Forecasters are predicting a category 1 Hurricane.
If wind speed increases to 74mph (the minimum velocity for hurricane classification), an "eye" will generally begin to form, giving birth to a hurricane.

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    tropical storm tracking florida hurricane info    tropical storm tracking florida hurricane info    tropical storm tracking florida hurricane info    tropical storm tracking florida hurricane info
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Food, Water, Pets, Drowning etc.

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Atlantic Hurricane Season

Storm Florida Evacuation Routes

FEMA’s - Flood Map Info Here
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Florida Disaster Recovery Fund
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Free referral service that matches consumers, who cannot find property insurance, with Florida licensed agents
and insurers who are writing new
business. Florida Assistance Plan

Protect your home. Get a professional inspection and
strengthen the areas that are prone to storm damage.
Take photos before and after and save repair receipts.
Then contact your insurance agent about rebates.

Florida gets the majority of the news and appears
that it is the only State in the path of Hurricanes.

The Top 10 States that have had Major Hurricane
strikes are Florida with Texas a close second,
Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama,
New York, South Carolina, Connecticut and
Rhode Island (see the chart at bottom of page)

Florida Hurricane Strike Probability Statistics
florida hurricane map florida hurricane strike probabilities long term statistics
Hurricane strike probabilities are only statistical
estimates. Always be prepared as storms approach.

The Biggest Waves Ever Measured Hurricane Ivan
News Archives Hurricane Katrina

The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known
as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, is
the only Department of Defense organization that flies
airplanes into the eye of the hurricane recording unique
photos. Hurricane Hunters Into the EYE of the Storms

 For 2008 - NOAA Predicts a Near Normal or Above Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season. The outlook indicates a 65% chance of 12 to 16 named storms,
including 6 to 9 hurricanes and  2 to 5 major hurricanes. An average season has 11 named storms, including 6 hurricanes for which 2 reach major status. This
outlook is a general guide and does not predict where or when any storms may hit land. That's the job of the National Hurricane Center after a storm forms.

2008 Named Tropical Storms and Hurricanes  Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly, Genevieve, Edouard, Fay, Iselle

Tips after a Hurricane Do not examine your home for damage with matches, candles, or other other "flame based" lighting. Use flashlights.
Avoid downed power lines. If you stored water in open containers such s bathtubs, do not drink without purifying first.

Items that you should always have available or can purchase- Non-electric can opener, flashlights, radios, portable TV's, cans of sterno,
candles, dry food, canned food, bottled water.

Chart From 1950 to 2004 in the United States Major Hurricane Land Strikes
Current Florida Keys - South Florida and Cuba - Radar Weather Map

Tropical Storm Fay